Cinnabar - heals and purifies blood. It imparts strength and flexibility to the physical body, stabilizes weight and enhance fertility. Reputed to give wearer long life. Connected with all things physical, exercise and to keep fit. Cinnabar is also good to ward off evil and dark energy. 

Another advantage is it can attract abundance, place it in the wealth corner of home.

Lapis Lazuli - is a highly valued and ancient gemstone. It opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. Lapis Lazuli balances and harmonizes the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. This powerful thought amplifier can bring about deep inner self knowledge. It helps to reveal truth, increases your inner vision, control conflicts and it’s a friendship stone

Yellow Agate - provides a calming influence, improves perception, concentration and helps to develop and increase one's analytical talents.

Green Turquoise - attracts success and prosperity, confers wisdom and increases psychic abilities.

Cinnabar size 6mm

Lapis Lazuli 6mm

Yellow Agate 6mm, 8mm

Turquoise flat around 6mm

Silver accessories, include Dhorje – 925 silver

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Mala Beads - Mixed Crystal - 108 Cinnabar Mala Beads

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